Revolutionizing the fin-tech industry!

TM-Pro is a fin-tech company based in Amsterdam aimed at delivering solutions to our European clients.

During my time at TM-Pro I created 4 client facing SDKs for iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS alongside two for internal use.

Money Management SDK
Always be in control of your personal finances. Use Budgets to reserve money for recurring expenses. See where your money is going and how much you have left to spend this month. With Goals you create realistic saving targets to help you set aside money for later. No more stress if you have enough money reserved for your recurring expenses.

Onboarding SDK & Onboarding UI-SDK
Digital banking platforms should be designed to onboard customers easily, seamlessly and fully compliant.

The Onboarding SDK handles all network request and object mappings, adding the UI-SDK gives you a fully working visual onboarding. The UI-SDK can be set-up to match any color scheme and branding in seconds, while maintaining the flexibility to be fully customizable.

Device Binding SDK
With increasing regulatory pressure it becomes more and more important that you have a strong legal foundation for your digital transactions. The Device Binding SDK provides this functionality by enforcing a high level of security to any application by binding any device and providing full eIDAS compliant digital signatures.

Next to these SDKs I created a demo application in SwiftUI that was used to test all integrations and showcase our product suite to potential customers.